Services I Offer

I offer two kinds of services: Personal Change Coaching and 1-on-1 NLP Practitioner Certification.

Personal Change Coaching

You have something you’d like to change. Maybe it’s a behavior, or a feeling, or a thought or belief that you’d rather not have. Or maybe it’s an opportunity that you’d like to fully utilize. Here’s a checklist of opportunities for change.

Together we discover the structure of the problem(s) and I use my expertise in facilitating change to guide you in trying out solutions, both in the session and in the real world. I may call upon a wide range of different change techniques, and you should be prepared to try some new things.

Over approximately 2 to 15 sessions of 75 minutes, we work towards one or more specific outcomes that we define in the first session. If we solve your original problem to your satisfaction, I may suggest more things we could work on together. Any coaching contracts are negotiable and designed together to best serve your needs. Clients choose to have sessions weekly, every other week, or once a month. The minimum number of sessions is two: one change work session, and one follow-up session.

No psychoanalysis or catharsis or other BS, just getting things done. Note that I don’t diagnose or treat mental illness and I don’t provide crisis counseling — this is strictly coaching for personal growth.

Price: $125 per 75-minute session. Phone and Skype sessions include an optional, complimentary audio recording of the session. Get 5 sessions for $575 or 10 sessions for $950. Or order your first two sessions for $245.

Note that no one will be turned away due to an inability to pay.

Where: Skype, phone, or at my home office in Boulder, Colorado.

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1-on-1 NLP Practitioner Certification

This is for coaches, therapists, and other change professionals as well as anybody else who wants to develop themselves by learning a wide variety of models and methods for personal change and improved communication.

When therapists and coaches discover NLP they often say things like, “finally some things I can do to help my clients!” Far beyond just empathetic listening and cognitive reframing, NLP provides the practitioner with an endless toolbox of understandings and techniques for helping people to make positive changes.

You study each of the modules covering the methods and models of Neurolinguistic Programming as taught by Mike Bundrant. We also meet once a week for 12 weeks, each time for 90 minutes to review what you’ve learned, do some of the experiential exercises, and answer any questions you have about applying the material to your work or your life. At the end, there is a test and you become certified by the iNLP Center as an NLP Practitioner.

A great introduction to NLP, and a foundation for lifelong practice of these methods.

Price: $2400, or $400 per month for 6 months, payable through the iNLP Center. Skype and phone sessions come with a complimentary audio recording of the session.

Where: Skype, phone, or at my home office in Boulder, Colorado. Also online course materials (audio, video, and PDF workbooks) at the iNLP center website.

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