From Professional Colleagues in the Field

“I appreciate Duff’s professionalism as a coach, combined with his warmth, skill, and ability to put people at ease instantly. I had profound results, and learn so much from Duff — not only through his work but also through his innovative perspective.”
~ Lisa Olcese, Communications Specialist and Leadership Coach

“Watching Duff guide someone through Core Transformation is a delight. His calm and attentive presence, combined with his integrity and facility with the process, create the space for safe, smooth and genuine transformation.”
~ Mark Andreas, NLP Coach, http://markandreas.com/

From Past Coaching Clients

“Coach Duff exercises a super powerful blend of drawing out one’s highest goals and connecting them with grounded step by step action. Because of Duff’s coaching I saw through the limits I imposed on myself to the possibilities that lay beyond. Long held aspirations began materializing within days of the first session! Because of the clarity of Duff’s coaching I am able to apply what I learn to countless areas of my life, and I would strongly suggest life coaching with Duff to anyone interested in changing their life for the better!”
~ Alia Braley

“Duff, you have a knack for producing clarity and making everything seem manageable instead of completely overwhelming. And here I’d never realized that I even needed a life coach….”
~ Fox Hildie Henderson

“Working with Duff will change your life. The coaching process with him begins with identifying where you want to be. Weekly, I brainstorm with Duff about how to get me to where I want to be and I have the accountability of seeing him in a week to make sure I’m on track. I used to waste time moving forward with plans that didn’t really help me achieve my goal. Duff hears what I am saying, helps me identify what I really want, and then narrows down my action plan so I’m not wasting time, energy, money trying to achieve results that won’t truly bring me closer to my values and dreams. Duff is really fun to work with. He won’t take any lame excuses for why I’m not living my highest life- and any excuse is lame, right? He’s hilarious about it and helps me see why I should be going for more and raising my standards. My business has grown with his incredible help and my relationships have become stronger and more genuine.”
~ Liz Canavan, Professional Organizer, AlchemyofOrder.com

“I’d been following Duff on Facebook for a couple years but had never interacted with him beyond the brief written exchanges there. When he announced his webinar on the subject of growth mindsets, he had already earned my respect and trust, and I wondered what it would be like to learn from him in a more dynamic setting. I totally enjoyed the experience.

It was obvious to me that he is as competent as a trainer and a ‘coach’ as I had hoped. Duff was really well prepared, clearly knew what he was talking about (and a whole lot more) and he was highly personal and efficient. I was impressed by the way he put the presentation together, how he integrated features of the technology to make it as engaging and effective as possible. The knowledge I gained is of real value.

I feel really clear about what a growth mindset is, where I could benefit from changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and how to do it. Most importantly, I finished the webinar feeling really confident about what I had learned – even though it required very little effort on my part. … What impressed me even more, though, is how sure I am about Duff as a good person and as an effective professional.

I was comfortable before, but now I’m certain that he’d be an excellent person to work with in a one-to-one setting. In fact, I’m about to sign up for NLP training and certification with him as my trainer, and I’m nothing but thrilled!”
—Jason Keen, CCHt, http://empoweredevolution.com/

“In less than an hour’s time, Duff offered me several extremely powerful strategies for upgrading my success methodology. As a thorough reader of success literature, I am indeed greatly surprised and served by Duff’s personal aptitude for precisely selecting the mental tools personally and directly appropriate for increasing my quality of judgement toward living my best possible life. Just one of these tools has now become a habitualized question I ask myself and others consistently for simply, massive improvement and certainty in all of my project planning and relationship decisions. Ask about his 1 – 10 scale system! Thank you Duff!”
~ Walker Traylor

“Coach Duff:

Thanks so much for all your support this past year. Last June–when I sat down with you for the first time–all I had was a dream. Today, I’m writing to you from the new office of the company that I started with my father and cousin. I just got news that my real estate license is getting approved. Plus, we’re also getting our first contract signed on that million-dollar deal that I told you about. I really am in business for myself — a business that I was integral in putting together. Wow, what a dream come true!

Of course, there have been a lot of rocky spots along the way. I look back at all the times I walked into our coaching sessions with a feeling of giving up and giving in to the latest, greatest obstacle. I know that I was able to stay the course, however, because I had you as a key part of my support system.

Your optimism and enthusiasm inspired me to remain energized. Your insights brought clarity to my decision-making process and objectivity to my planning. I have been able to use the tools, resources, and information you provided me to stay focused and keep on on task. Finally, your ability to hold me accountable while treating me with compassion enabled me to do the same for myself–not a small task for someone with an overactive inner critic!

Thanks again. I’m really on my way. I look forward to our continuing relationship and writing to you again in another year to share with the good news of my continued success!”
~Emilio Martinez, Amadeo Corporation