Here are some other resources I endorse.

Outstanding Practitioners of Change Work

Don’t want to work with me for some reason? No problem. Here are my top recommendations for outstanding practitioners of change work:

Mark Andreas

A friend of mine and an excellent NLP practitioner in Boulder, CO who also does Skype sessions. Son of NLP pioneers Steve and Connirae Andreas, he grew up living and breathing NLP. The methods we use in our facilitation are practically identical.

Mark also written an excellent book on stories of resolving violent conflict in creative, non-violent ways.

Michael Perez

A friend and colleague of mine who is as knowledgable as he is skilled. Michael is a very skilled Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and coach living in Belgium who also does Skype sessions.

Connirae Andreas

Connirae developed the Core Transformation process that was so personally helpful for me. She has also developed a number of other methods including her Wholeness Process.

I work for her and her husband Steve Andreas when I’m not coaching clients.