Sliding Scale

It is a value of mine that no one will be turned away due to an inability to pay. I would probably be homeless or dead if it weren’t for the kindness of friends, family, and strangers at key crisis points in my life. I feel that it is important for me to “pay it forward” to others in need, rather than simply maximizing profit for myself.

Sliding Scale

If you are in financial need, you can pay a sliding scale rate. Together we can discuss what price would fit your budget while also meeting my needs to be paid for my labor. I spend approximately two hours working per hour I spend with you including session prep, marketing, accounting, training, etc. So my recommendation is to pay twice your hourly rate per hour you book with me.

For example, if you are in financial need and make $12/hour, I recommend paying 12 x 2 = $24 per billable hour, or $30 for a 75 minute session. This way, I make the same per hour that you do.

The formula: ($your hourly rate x 2) x 1.25 = sliding scale rate for a 75min session.

Please do not request sliding scale if you make more than about $25,000 USD annually unless you have a very significant extenuating circumstances. This is on your honor (I won’t ask to look at your W2’s).

Note: I do limit the number of sliding scale clients to allow spaces for clients who can pay my full fee, so I might not be able to schedule you immediately or there might be a waiting list.

Pro Bono

I occasionally also do pro bono work for clients who entirely lack an income and are in very serious financial and emotional need. Email me if you think you would require this.